I am a writer of novels, lover of books and stalker of amusing blogs.

My hobbies include reading, watching videos of cats on the internet and pondering the vastness of space. Sometimes I worry about the relative insignificance of human beings in the universe, but then I read the average YouTube comment section and I feel like perhaps our minimal impact on the universe at large is not such a bad thing.

I like so many things that listing them all would be silly. Things I like include, but are not limited to; weird animal facts, historical trivia, plush dinosaurs, Star Trek, people inappropriately dressed for Renaissance faires, dad jokes and Mexican food. Things I don’t like include; judging other people for things that make them happy, littering, spoiling the ends of books I have yet to read, and that one Wham! song that every mall plays non-stop during Christmas. You know the one. Please don’t make me say it.


Welcome to my head. You may need to wear a life vest.


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