3 Things I’ll Never Do Again

October comes to a close, All the Eves Hallowed and the trees turning bare. With NaNoWriMo on the horizon and the cold weather keeping me in bed longer and longer, I’ve started to reflect on the last two months since completing my latest project. I’ve come to the realization that through September and October I have simultaneously:

  1. Edited a 70k project with structural tweaks, all new scenes, rewritten scenes and page-by-page line edits. Final line edits completed last weekend.
  2. Started a new project, completed yesterday(!), the first draft now roughly 75k but I expect it to be around 85-90 upon redrafting next year.
  3. Laid plans for a NaNoWriMo novel with first drafting to begin TOMORROW. (My NaNo username is dinosaurlace and I need writing buddies!)

Wow, so productive! Great idea, right? No. A hundred times, no. Dear future self, NEVER DO THIS AGAIN. At least not only in two months and not all at once. Give yourself three, I promise you’ll be happier.

What is life? What is sleep? Don’t ask me, I’m a writer.

Calcifer falls into pot.